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Join our annual Gala -

Fundraiser - Fri. Aug. 23, 2013 Marriott, at Hobby Airport

Come join us for an evening of fun, & help make a difference in the lives of the many rural and urban poor in Nigeria and Niger Republic in particular. Contact us, learn more... or RSVP Online here.

EbenezerIRig_Amaba2-800.jpgSustainabiltiy: Build Workshop & Guest House in 2014

We need 1300 building modules at $20 each to build one of our 2 needed Workshops; 1300 Facebook "actionable likes" at $25 each would do for our Guest house too. To learn more see below, or donate now click build it!

Jon-boy-tippy-tapping.jpgRead our 2012 Christmas - Year End Support Letter.

Be a Relief Ambassador!

Take a mission-vision trip with us.

Visit Africa, meet the people, interact... and enlarge your vision of our World.


Online Giving

RNM would like to increase our proceeds by providing many ways for partners and guests to donate online. Do the 2-Mile Walk4Water

Make your donations Online & help us extend our mission. It's just one click away. RSVP for 2013 Gala.


Water, Medical Aid, & Job Skills

Register to Walk 4 Water Relief in style. You're Invited now!

You feel what women and children feel in Africa when they fetch water many times each day with little time for school.


Engage to bring Relief Today!

Take a mission-vision trip with us. Learn more about the Sep. 2012 Mission. Join us, Visit Africa, meet the people, interact... and enlarge your vision of our World.

Mambila Plateau - Zing, Taraba State, Nigeria  

Current focus

Ending the water crisis remains our over-arching goal. Access to sustainable safe water is just the beginning of a truly decent sanitary life. Then comes doing everything to keep them healthy, and furthering their education... 


RNM Workshop model building

In 2014, we shall be focusing on 3 new infrastructure projects that will keep our programs sustainable. Getting the North-Central and South-Eastern Worshop Buildings up and commissioned, and erecting our Missions Guest House / Head office space in Nigeria.


RNM Guest House / Office Plan in Gboko

We figured we need 1300 "building blocks" that cost $20 a piece to erect each of the two workshops; and also 1300 "modules" or "building blocks" that I call "actionable FaceBook Likes" that will help us build our ministry Guest House / Office space in Gboko. Each of the ministry Guest House module would cost $25 a piece. What is needed most then is for you to not only donate $20 or $25 towards each of these projects, but to also share the link to this site and our FaceBook post on the "Water Relief Facebook" page to advocate for the completion of this fundraising campaign by Dec. 2013. To donate your $20 or $25 now click here or the donate botton above.

How to help

For experiencing the difficulties of the people having no water , fundriasing Campaigns and playing your rule to help the less previleged people please come and join our Fund Raising Team/ Community Development Team in Nigeria.


Walk for Water 0n World Water Day 2014 in Aba, Abia State, Nigeria. More than 4000 people actively took part in Walk for water on four different Venues in the Aba City, Abia State, Nigeria; to show the sympathy towards the people who are suffering from the scarity of water and Energy in Africa.


Relief Network Ministries int'l along with its local Nigerian partners: Glorious Life Gospel Center are now upto breaking the World Record for people carrying most water buckets on to their heads; on 2nd June 2014.                                                                                                                                                   Come and Join us at our Regional Office south Zone in Aba, Abia State, Nigeria on 2nd June 2014 for breaking the world Record.

On-going Medical Missions


Dr. Farid Noie, DDS - works on a patient at Unicare Center for Oral & Maxillofacial Reconstruction in Webster, TX.

The 80-20 Rule seem to be true for water and health. Doctors from our past medical outreaches tell us that approximately 80% of illnesses in Nigeria are caused by unsafe water & unsanitary hygienic habits. Water-borne diseases are probably 20% of all illnesses in the tropics, or what we consider as tropical diseases, e.g. Typhoid, schistosomiasis, filariasis, river blindness, malaria, etc. But often, diarrhea for example, still kill hundreds of children every day in Niger & Nigeria; Worldwide approximately 1.8 million per year. This is preventable.

As such, Relief Network Ministries, Inc. (RNM) is now working in collaboration with other medical professionals to deliver a short-term Medical Mission effort at various locations / communities near our focus cluster areas in the North-Central Nigeria State of Benue, & Nassarawa States; and Abia, Imo, Rivers, Akwa-Ibom, and Anambara States in the South-Eastern part of Nigeria.  

To view our Video Clips and channel, start with: Faces of Relief in Nigeria.









Republic du Niger

Tell a story about our new initiatives in Niger... the 2011 Walk for Water Relief jointly organized with Faith For All Nations Church in League City to reach to the people of Niger. More about the people, and challenges.


Niger program is a partnership outreach with Faith for All Nation's Church in League City with a drive for the Great Commission, and the beneficiary ministry - Vie Abundante', a ministry developing indegeneous Church leadership through discipleship programs.


RNM is also on tract to deliver a new rig in the Republic du Niger through a Church and collaborative partnership with Faith for All Nations Church in League City, and Vie Abundante' in Niger. Already geophysical field surveys have been done at 6 proposed new well sites in Niger, and plan is underway to commence drilling there by Q3 of 2012. To become a part of these goals and vision, please make a contribution to help us bring clean water and the Word to the thirsty in Sub-Saharan Africa. Torodi_boys-posses_for_a_shot[1].jpg

Children in particular needs safe drinking water to develop and grow well. They need time to learn and not be laboring for longer hours than they sleep fetching water or firewoods so their moms can cook a meal. Any economic and social development truely begins with access to safe water.



RNM Core stuff

RNM's business model or cycle revolves around the following pattern, which is essentially what we do in different or similar ways all the time. RNM_Action_Cycle.jpg

  1. Community Mapping / Survey Trips & Engagements
  2. Well Drilling and / or Medical Outreach and / V-TEN (Vocational Technical Education Networks)
  3. Commissioning / Dedication and Christian Witness
  4. Projects & Program Reviews and Evaluations
  5. Reporting and Donor Engagements, and then back again to the field.

 We target communities, schools, Churches, hospitals, or rural clinics with no easy access to safe water, especially for drinking.


We strive to replace unsafe water sources like the one above in Torodi - where families walk 2 to 3 miles to fetch flood water from shallow and unprotected wells in the valley with good drilled and sealed deep wells. Further we teach and educate them on good hygiene standards: how to keep their water containers clean, basic hand-washing habbits, avoiding deficating in the bush, especially near their homes, boiling any water that they drink that is not from a deep safe well, etc.

On our Planet...

  • Africa is the second largest continent - 11,636,846 square miles, or 30,139,431 square kilometers.
  • Africa has the second largest population - 877,550,000
  • people, with 1/6 of Africa living in Nigeria.
  • Africa is the most Diverse Continent - 3,000 people
  • groups, 53 different Countries. Nigeria has 240 ethnic groups and nearly as many languages & dialects.
In Aba, Abia State, Nigeria, girl walked 2 miles to help raise funds & save the children in Africa. To join our next event, click here.

Africa has Biggest Problems of all Continents

  • Drought, Hunger, Poverty
  • War, HIV, Plagues, Disease
  • Lack of Portable Water
  • Increasing Islamic & Religious aggressions - Nigeria has had its share

Relief Network Ministries, Inc. (RNM) is now working to get additional 12 new water wells completed in 2012 in Nigeria alone, with 4 old / damaged well rehabilitations already done in Q1 of 2012.  Water is just the beginning of the recovery & relief effort. Sanitation and hygiene must be added along with Christian witness and medical aid. 


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Upcoming Events

  1. 2-Mile Walk for Water Relief - Saturday March 22nd, 2014, on four different venues in Aba, Abia State, Nigeria
  2. Walk for Earth on the Earthday 2014 in Port Harcourt, River State, Nigeria..... dates will be announced soon.
  3. Africa Mission - Vision Trips:
    • Jan - Feb 2012: Zing and Niger
    • April 20 - 26: Health & Hygiene - Liberia
    • May 5 - May 20: Nigeria Mission-Vision for new Relief Ambassadors
    • May 21 - 26: Africa Country Director's Conference
    • Sep - Oct 2012 (TBA): Medical Missions: Oral & Eye Surgery Trip
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